Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PSG and My Silver Medal

Lifetime achievement aaward, sounds like something you spend years earning. Well, 2 weeks ago I earned my final score for my USDF Silver Medal. Which means that I have earned 2 scores of 60% or better at 4th level and 2 scores of 60% or better at PSG. The skills necessary to earn high enough scores in tests that are technically very complex is not something that can be learned overnight. It is something that takes years of practice, lessons and competition. I have been working for this moment since I started riding at the age of 8.

First of all a HUGE Thank You to Susan Hoffman Peacock for believing in me and pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Next a big Thank You to Jeff and Jill Shirley for lending me their horse, their unmeasurable kindness and continued support.

It has been a long journey with its share of ups and downs. I hope that this milestone can help bring me to a new level of challenges in my career.

Erin Blazick, USDF Silver Medalist

watch the video of my ride here: