Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Updates

Well summer has been flying by so fast that I have barely had time to catch my breath let alone keep up on blogging. The horses have settled nicely into Hansen Dam. 
Rugby is being ridden and shown by Nicole and they are doing fabulously. After two shows in Moorpark they qualified for DASC championships and for CDS Jr. Championships. They had their first overnight show 2 weeks ago and did wonderfully. They won all their classes and got some really good comments from the judge. 
Vogue also went to the show for her debut at First level and also had a great show. We are working on increasing our uphill balance for the next show in August. We will be showing at Hansen Dam in August and hope to see you there.
Cindy Gumber with Phalana also got her last qualifying score for DASC Championships at the White Birch Show. They both continue to rise to their challenges and make huge improvements from one show to the next. 
I am so proud of all my riders and we are all looking forward to the next few months, which will be very very busy. Look for us at these up coming events:
Hansen Dam Summer Dressage August 15-16
DASC Chamionships September 25-27

Look forward to seeing you.